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Wood Fired Pool Heater, Non Electric Heater Full kit

Wood Fired Pool Heater, Non Electric Heater. Full Kit Plug and Play Wood Heater. This heating coil is ideal for

BBQ Hot Tub and Heaters

At Bamboo Untwined, we combine the timeless charm of the wood fire with the joy of outdoor cooking and pool heating. Designed to bring warmth and flavor to your outdoor spaces, our wood-fired heaters and grills are the perfect choice for those who appreciate the art of traditional cooking and seek a cosy ambience. Whether you're looking to heat your pool or enjoy a sizzling barbecue, our range of wood-fired options will enhance your outdoor experiences in a truly British style. Experience the magic of wood fire with our selection of wood-fired pool heaters and BBQ grills. Add a touch of British charm to your outdoor spaces, and enjoy the unparalleled flavours and warmth that only a wood fire can provide. Embrace the eco-friendly approach, versatility, and reliability of our products for unforgettable outdoor cooking and pool heating experiences.


Key Features:

Our pool heaters and BBQ grills harness the power of natural wood fire, creating an authentic cooking experience and adding a distinctive smoky flavour to your food.

-By utilising wood as the fuel source, our pool heaters and BBQ grills offer an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

-Our wood-fired pool heaters and BBQ grills are designed for versatility and reliability. The pool heaters efficiently heat your swimming pool, allowing you to extend your swimming season and enjoy comfortable water temperatures.

-The BBQ grills offer adjustable heat levels, providing you with precise control over your cooking and allowing you to prepare a wide variety of dishes with exceptional flavour.



  1. How do I operate the wood-fired pool heater or BBQ grill?Answer: Operating our wood-fired pool heaters and BBQ grills is straightforward. For the pool heater, simply load the firebox with firewood and light it. The heat generated by the burning wood circulates through the water in your pool, gradually increasing its temperature. Adjust the airflow and wood supply as needed to maintain your desired pool temperature.
  2.  Can I use different types of wood in the pool heater or BBQ grill?Answer: Yes, You can use a variety of wood types in our pool heaters and BBQ grills, each offering its unique flavour profile.