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Health and Beauty:

Bamboo Untwined has become a synonym for elegance over the years, and we have diversified our product range and entered new domains. After spending years of time in market research and product development, we successfully created Marvel products in the health and beauty domain. Bamboo Untwined has soaps, bath bombs, toothbrushes, makeup removers, cotton buds and ore that are inspired and finely crafted to address the essence of nature.

All the products in the health, personal care and beauty that are offered by Bamboo Untwined are created with the prime directive of giving you a fresh, vibrant and healthy experience for your body.

Key features:

- Natural ingredients used in the making of the products.

-The products are a result of thorough market research and hence cater to the needs of a wide range of target audiences.

-Quality of the Bamboo Untwined products is exceptional, and we ensure that the products do justice to the quality and health standards established by our brand over the years.


  1. Are the products recommended for all skin types?Answer. Yes, the products are all-natural and can be used by everyone, But make sure to check for the ingredients in case of ingredient-specific allergies.