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Dining Room Furniture:

We consider ourselves blessed when we sit down with our beloved family members and break bread with them. The few moments of the day when you realise how close you are to your loved ones and how great it is to spend time with them over your important meals. Your dining experience can be exponentially improved with the products from Bamboo Entwined. Our dining room furniture includes different setups for families of various sizes, which complement the aesthetics of their specific decor and colour schemes.

Key features:

-Different size seating combinations and options are available for families of different sizes.

-Aesthetically appealing and enticing designs for all furniture products.

- Lighting options available to add to the aesthetics.



  1. Are the tables fixed to the floor, or are they mobile?Answer. The tables can be locked onto the floor or kept mobile according to the customer's requirements.
  1. What is the warranty status on these products?Answer. The manufacturing warranty for every product stands different, and it is informed at the time of purchase