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The bedroom is the most essential room in the house. It is where your day begins, and it is where you rest after achieving your work goals for the day. Hence, it becomes incredibly crucial that the furniture in your bedroom gives you a sense of comfort and warmth at the end of the day. The aesthetically appealing furniture from Bamboo Entwined fulfils the above parameters with perfection.


Key Features:

-The Bamboo furniture gives you an antique vibe in modern-day architecture.

-We have different designs suitable for rooms of different sizes.

-The furniture from Bamboo Entwined seamlessly amalgamates into the room's decor.



Is the furniture painted, or does it possess the natural colour of bamboo?

Answer: The bedroom furniture is made from bamboo and retains the natural colour of the bamboo.

Does the furniture come with rollers for mobility?

Answer: External rollers are not attached to the furniture as bamboo furniture is extremely light and easily movable.