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Alarm and Clocks:

Let us take a moment of time from the day and talk about how important it is to keep track of how fast the time runs. Nowadays, everyone is so busy holding onto their schedule that they have to check up on their clocks every now and then. The repetitive action of keeping track of time and having alarms can be a treat for the sore eyes with our cube plus clocks.

Key Features:

-The symmetrical and unique designs for the cube clocks are appealing.

-You can choose from classic analogue clocks as well as modern-day digital clocks.

-The cube clocks blend in perfectly with the furniture of your room.


  1. Do the clocks display multiple time zones?Answer: The option to view multiple time zones is available on the digital versions of the clocks.
  1. How are these clocks powered?Answer: The analogue wall clocks have standard replaceable batteries. At the same time, the digital clocks have rechargeable batteries that are built in.